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About This Venue


Breathtaking scenery, sumptuous food, superior wines and mesmerising entertainment: the magic ingredients that will make ‘a Dickensian Christmas’ an unforgettable experience. Set in the very surroundings where the man himself once walked, we have drawn inspiration from the romantic, nostalgic Dickensian times where a festive feast by candlelight, roaring fires and a celebration of good times promise a party like no other.


Making your way around the corner into Finsbury Square, you and your guests eagerly approach the warm and inviting entrance as it flickers in the shadows of “old london town” gaily lit by lanterns and the sound of carol singers. Welcomed warmly inside, you shake off glistening snowflakes, remove your hat and coat, and take in the wonderfully wistful sights, sounds and smells of Christmas past.


Enticed by the sound of joyful cheers and laughter, you are drawn into the heart of a bustling Dickensian street party. Mr Scrooge has been banished from this joyous scene, as the dancing cast take to the stage to entertain excited revellers and passing platters of delicious canapés offer a taste of what is to come.


Dancing amidst the swirling fog, chimney sweeps appear to hop from one chimney pot to another as the music picks up the tempo and the dining room is revealed in all its splendour, with huge twinkling chandeliers hung from the starlit ceiling high above beautifully dressed dining tables. It is here, in Christmas present, that a lavish feast is served whilst the cast embark on a spectacular show from the central stage. A dark Dickensian circus descends, and guests are treated like kings and queens as the performers dazzle and excite; aerial acts swing from the ceiling whilst dancers and acrobats fill the floor with a seething mass of energy and verve.


As dinner comes to an end, the real party lies in wait; the DJ beckons party-goers on to the dance floor for a night of non-stop party music and dancing. The performers pour into the audience and continue to dance with such abandon that no-one remains unaffected as they gesture willing participants to join them in dancing the night away. To wish for is more of the same, at Christmas yet to come…


Seated Capacity: 1000

Standing Capacity: 1500