Freemason’s Hall, WC2

  • + “The Gatsby Club” At Freemasons Hall
  • + “The Gatsby Club” At Freemasons Hall
  • + “The Gatsby Club” At Freemasons Hall
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About This Venue

Set in the heart of London’s Covent Garden this amazing Grade II listed venue is guaranteed to impress your guests with the sheer decadent grandeur of the setting.

For Christmas this year the iconic art deco venue is transformed as it plays host to the Masquerade Club. Offering an experience to remember, it promises a feast for all of the senses with its stunning recreation of the Venetian carnival – complete with masked sellers, stunning theming, and the state-of-the-art atmospheric lighting.

A whirl of drama and delight awaits this Christmas at the sensation that is The Masquerade Club.


Seated Capacity: 220

Standing Capacity: 400


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