The one with the Transponster

The one with the Transponster


In that classic Friends episode where none of Chandler’s friends can neither name nor explain what on earth he does for a living. We couldn’t let that happen too, so we thought we’d clear this up for our own company and give you an overview of what we do here at Ex Events…

So what is it we actually do here?

As an events agency we organise, plan and run corporate events. We’re corporate events management specialists. We work across a complete range of events including; Christmas parties, summer parties, conferences, roadshows, team building days, off-sites, private dinners and team incentives. We offer both full event management and a venue finding service. It just depends on what level of service our clients require.

Ultimately, we’re here to help you make your events run as smoothly as possible, while bringing your people together for an engaging experience and elevate that experience event after event, year after year. We’re seen as an extension to your team; helping you to bring all the different elements which make an event together and maximising our network of suppliers and venues in the industry to get you the right venue at the best price.

Full Event Management – we’ll help you through the whole event process from start to finish.

Free Venue Finding – we’ll help you with the initial phase of finding a suitable venue for your event.

We’re completely flexible.


What happens once you’ve provided us your event brief?

After taking note of all your event requirements we then turn to our internal team to provide suitable venue suggestions to reach out to with your brief. We have a wealth of knowledge between us and very much rely on that information to make sure we choose suitable venues to enquire with – both venues which have been around for years and those which have either just opened, or are due to!

Then we ping out enquiries to all the venues we think could work and negotiate to gain the best prices and terms for you. From this we whittle down the choices to venues based on their suitability, availability and price.

Finally, we’ll send you these venue choices in a great looking, easy to understand proposal so you can digest all the details and important information. Once we gain your feedback, we work with you to progress the event forward, organise site visits, tastings and create a comprehensive function sheet detailing the ins and outs of your event.

We’ve focused on venues here but we also do the same for production, catering and entertainment suppliers for your event too.


Why do we need all the details upfront?

There are a number of different factors that affect which venues are suitable for an event; particular day of the week, time of day, budget, number of guests, location, catering requirements, type of event, set up and style… to name a few. If we have all this information upfront it means we can present venue solutions that will really work for you!

The more you can tell us the better!


Why use event agencies, and why use us at Ex Events?

In short, we have great relationships and contacts within the events world, we work quickly and painlessly, and we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon.

There is an awful amount of leg work that goes into an event. Reaching out to multiple venues, negotiating best prices, making sense of all the information and running the event on site is not an easy job. It’s a time-consuming process… but someone’s got to do it. We do all the leg work for you and are able to deliver suitable solutions to you in a speedy manner. This also helps by the great relationships and contacts we have within the industry. It means we’re speaking to the right people to get the right answers back, and it also means we can negotiate requests and prices on your behalf!

We’ve been here since 1989 which means we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know how to fix any issues you might have, and we do this on your behalf so you don’t have to! We work all year round with venues and suppliers to make sure we deliver the very best event and to keep our clients happy. It means on the day you’re able to sit back and relax knowing you are in very capable hands.

By using us as an agent you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. We do the hard part for you!


Intrigued? Want to hear more?

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Why not give us a try with your next event? We’d love to hear from you!


… And just in case you somehow haven’t seen it, here’s a link to that classic Friends scene: ‘He’s a Transponster!’ 

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