Conferences & Live Events Case Study

CLIENT SECTOR: Finance / Investment / Thought Leadership






BRIEF: We were asked to organise an annual thought leadership investment conference to be delivered as a hybrid event with a focus on actively engaging two clearly distinguished delegate groups comprising of upwards of 500 delegates.



Tasters, sneak peaks and keynote announcements were teased throughout pre-event comms campaigns with further content tailored respective to the delegates.

Working closely with the historic venue as well as with our selected external virtual and streaming partners we delivered two distinct event experiences geared around the central content feed with sponsor tie-ins interlaced across the entire event experience.

The ‘live’ audience attended in person at a prestigious Westminster venue. Alongside the plenary sessions they enjoyed guided networking opportunities during and directly after the conference, which were supported with a sustainably sourced energising menu offerings.

The virtual audience accessed the event via a bespoke event platform, where they were able to watch (and re-watch) live content, participate in live Q& A, polling and networking as well as to access to exclusive online only content.

With an international speaker delegation joining onsite as well as via remote link up, programme curation and speaker liaisons played a vital part of the pre-event organisation as did the facilitation of live streaming and post event videography to further extend the long-tail of the event to continue to engage and grow the event audience.



  • Event programme planning and consultancy
  • Website/ Streaming platform procurement, design and implementation
  • Venue finding
  • Contracting and supplier negotiations
  • Venue liaisons
  • Speaker liaisons
  • Delegate management
  • Videography procurement and management
  • Third party supplier management
  • Onsite event management