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We believe that a team build has two functions, firstly to be fun, energising and entertaining and secondly to bring real tangible benefit to you and your organisation. Our years of experience enable us to offer a selection of solutions that will develop both the individuals within your group, the awareness of the role they play within a team and ultimately the strengthening of that team itself. Regardless of duration or location we have Team Solutions that will fit your needs and offer real lasting value.

To find out more call now on +44 (0) 203 567 1420 or get in touch at info@exevents.co.uk
GPS Challenge

GPS Challenge

The GPS Challenge is the perfect team build and an ideal way to explore a city as never before. Competitive, entertaining and guaranteeing excitement for any group, GPS Challenge takes the traditional Treasure Hunt to a thrilling new level.
Using Samsung Galaxy Tablets and state of the art GPS Technology your teams will set out to track down live interactive hotspots holding themed questions and challenges. The task is simple; score as many points as possible and become the GPS Challenge Champions.

Extreme Team Building Experience
If you want a different activity for your team Lee Valley’s Olympic cour white water rafting circuit may be exactly what you are looking for. Lee Valley offer a whole host of different activities from White Water Rafting to Hydrospeeding or if you want something more team focused how about Water Wipeout or Shipwrecked, where team have to construct their own raft. For the less adrenalin fueled patricipents they also offer a range of water sports on their flat water lake. Why not finish off with a sumptuous BBQon the South facing private terrace?
Lee Valley also offer fantastic meeting facilities, which have incredible views overlooking the Olympic Standard Competition Course and come complete with state of the art facilities.
Segway Challenge?
Perfect for groups with a sense of adventure the Segway Experience is a mix of mastering Segway skills and great fun! These two wheeled machines use battery power and pioneering balancing and sensory technology instead of conventional mechanical controls. Segways work in harmony with its rider and are extremely responsive and maneuverable. There are numerous activities you can choose from, Segway Frisbee, Segway Obstacle Course, Segway Splash and Segway Slalom/Relay to name a few. Segway activities are great for tream bonding, encouraging competition, motivation, developing problem solving skills, managing resistance to change and illustrating the value of team work. Guests will be bowled over by this activity which can take place before or during your Summer Event.
Acting Up Acting Up
You may find yourselves writing and performing a radio play or devising a stand up routine, maybe you will be taking part in a live news broadcast, or acting out business themed Fairy Tales. Our years of experience in performance allow us to choose the best option to get the most from your team.
Music Matters Music Matters
Perhaps it’s a team of drummers, or an orchestra creating music from scrap material, or ‘Instant Opera’, or a complex endless rhythm created by ‘Boomwhakers’, whatever the form we musically challenge your teams to gel and create innovative sounds that will never be forgotten.
Piece Of Cake Piece Of Cake
Challenge yourselves to a ‘cook off’ on Team Masterchef, create cocktails fit for the rich and famous, blend chocolates that will make you melt or sample wine and cheese that your teams will never forget. Our culinary courses test creativity and team values throughout.
Outdoor Events Outdoor Events
Why not set your team a task that would make an Olympian weep or strap them to a huge inflatable football table, or turn them into human skittles? Perhaps even consider sending them to ‘the ends of the earth’ on an expedition. Whatever you decide our activities will test every faculty of your team’s ability to work and adapt under pressure.
Indoor Events Indoor Events
Just because you’re indoors doesn’t mean that you can’t be challenged. Test your creativity, building bridges that defy logic, commence cryptic tests that will send your brain spinning or become the World Formula One Champions. Planning, strategy and communication will set your team apart.
To find out more call now on +44 (0) 203 567 1420 or get in touch at info@exevents.co.uk

T: +44 (0) 203 567 1420
E: info@exevents.co.uk

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