Corporate Hampers and Gifts

What better way to make your staff feel valued and appreciated? We have been working hard with our suppliers to bring you an excellent range of corporate hampers and gifts, perfect to send to your staff to really make them smile!

Choose from a wide selection of hampers and gifts. The perfect addition to your Virtual Corporate Event or ideal for hampers for staff working from home.


Please note:
• All orders are based on a minimum number of 50
• All prices are exclusive of VAT
• Every gift or hamper carries a £5.99 delivery charge in the UK.
(please contact us for delivery charges outside of the UK)
• Orders need to be completed 14 days in advance of delivery

coffee hamper

Corporate Hampers and Gifts

Mini prosecco and luxury chocolate hamper



The Mini Prosecco & Luxury Chocolate Hamper couples a crisp sparkling mini prosecco with a selection of the finest chocolate goodies available from artisanal food producers.

See What's Included:

  • Terre di Guilio – Prosecco Brut AV 11% 20cl
  • Salted caramel chocolate biscuits 100g – Artisan du Chocolat
  • Small salted caramel chocolates 20g – Artisan du Chocolat
  • Prosecco 41% milk chocolate bar 75g – Love Cocoa

PRICE: £22.50 + VAT each

coffee hamper



This cracking coffee gift is perfect for the caffeine lover in your life. It includes some incredible coffee plus some of our favourite coffee treats making this a perfect coffee gift. Upgrade to add in an Espresso Liqueur for an extra treat!

See What's Included:

  • Shade grown coffee by Bird & Wild
  • Love Cocoa crushed coffee 37% milk chocolate bar 80g
  • Spreadable Espresso Flat Brew Coffee Spread
  • Biscotti from the Great British Biscotti Company
  • Coffee chocolate bar from Love Cocoa
  • Caramel and Espresso Popcorn by Joe & Steph’s

PRICE: £37.50 + VAT each 

cooks corner gift hamper



The Cooks Corner Hamper makes the perfect foodie gift, for any budding chef or cook, complete with oils, honeys, relishes and more; it’s a fantastic addition to any kitchen. A thoughtful food gift for someone who likes to cook!

See What's Included:

  • Bermondsey Street Bees Metro London Honey 150g
  • Truffle Hunter Truffle Honey 60g
  • Rubies in the Rubble Pear, Fig and Port Relish Jar 210g
  •  The Olive Oil Co Incanto Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
  • Truffle Hunter English Truffle Oil 100ml
  • Spice Mountain Maldon Sea Salt Box 125g
  • Brindisa Navarrico Artichoke Hearts 660g

PRICE: £55.00 + VAT each 

office sweets hamper



Perfect for team treats, this lovely selection of sweet office snacks is ideal for breaks and meetings; featuring favourites such as artisan chocolate, handmade honeycomb, chocolate dusted popcorn and retro pic n mix.

See What's Included:

  • 4 x mini honeycomb crunch milk chocolate bars – Love Cocoa
  • 4 x salted caramel honeycomb bar – mighty fine honeycomb
  • 4 x double chocolate with caramel dark and milk chocolate gourmet popcorn 32g – Joe & Stephs
  • 4 x Retro Pic n Mix

PRICE: £37.50 + VAT each

healthy office snacks



Healthy office snacking doesn’t have to be boring, so why not try out our specially selected fun and healthy office snack selection to keep your team and office motivated and energised all day long.

See What's Included:

  • 2 x Apple and raspberry fruit jerky – Snact
  • 2 x apple, blueberry and banana fruit jerky – Snact
  • 4 x crunchy sour cream & onion baked sticks – Well and Truly
  • 4 x Cacao, coconuts & chia seeds fruit energy bars – N’eat
  • 4 x Chocolate covered whole grain bites – Peakz

PRICE: £37.50 + VAT each

office and business meeting platter



Filled with delicious organic pastries, award-winning pressed juices and handmade natural energy bars, this all-day meeting platter is the ideal selection for training days, workshops or any business meetings (London only).

See What's Included:

  • 2 x all butter organic croissants – Flower power City Bakery
  • 2 x all butter pain aux raisins – Flower Power City Bakery
  • 2 x iced cinnamon danish organic pastries
  • 2 x all butter pain aux chocolats • 1 x cox and bramley apple farm pressed juice 1Ltr – Chegworth Valley Farm
  • • 1 x apple and raspberry pressed juice 1Ltr – Chefworth Valley Farm
  • 4 x cacao, coconuts & chia seeds fruit energy bars – N’eat
  • 4 x all day breakfast bars – Olly Bars

PRICE: £55.00 + VAT each

gluten free beer and gift snack box



The name says it all, this gift is packed full of gluten-free beers and gluten-free snacks. A selection of 4 premium beers from praised UK producers, these beers are filled with flavourful hops and aromas. They have it all!

See What's Included:

  • Jam Mango Pale 4% ABV can 330ml from First Chop
  • AVA Hoppe Blonde Ale 3.5% ABV can 330ml from First Chop
  • Pod Classic Vanilla Oatmeal Stout 4.2% can 330ml from First Chop
  • FRed Salford Red 4.6% ABV Can 330ml from First Chop
  • Basil and garlic snack pack 50g from Olly’s Olives
  • Sea Salt Black Pepper Cashews 41g from Chikas

PRICE: £21.50 + VAT each

prosecco and chocolate gift box



A bottle of classic Italian prosecco and two delicious bars of artisan chocolate makes this a simple but elegant gift for an occasion. They have been carefully matched to compliment one another’s fruity and fizzy notes.

See What's Included:

  • Prosecco DOC Treviso Frizzante
  • Dark & Raspberry Organic Raw Chocolate 70g by Raw Halo
  • Salted Caramel 41% milk chocolate bar 75 by Love Cocoa

PRICE: £23.50 + VAT each

the light beer box



An exquisite selection of light, easy to drink, low-alcohol beers. Perfect for those who love the taste of beer but also want something with fewer calories and reduced alcohol content. A selection of 8 unique and deliciously light hand-picked beers that are ideal for quenching your thirst and drinking on a sunny afternoon.

See What's Included:

  • Pink Lady Saison 5.0% ABV can 330ml from Brew by Numbers
  • Jam Mango Pale 4% ABV can 330ml from First Chop
  • XPA 4% can 330ml from Five Points
  • Lager 4% ABV Bottle 330ml from Fabal
  • Bog Standard Lager 3.8% ABV 330ml from Jiddler’s Tipple
  • Lemon and Thyme Saison 3.8% ABV bottle 330ml from Partizan
  • Session Pale 2.5% ABV can 330ml from Small Beer Brew

PRICE: £25.99 + VAT each

luxury vegan gift hamper



A carefully selected range of our favourite foodie products (that are also vegan!), from indulgent vegan truffles to Rubie’s Aquafaba Mayo to ManiLife’s Peanut Butter; all packed in our beautiful gift hamper. Treat the vegan in your life to this fabulous selection of foodie products.

See What's Included:

  • Spicy Bean Crush Pate 110g by Cornish Charcuterie
  • Plant Based Mayo 240g by Rubies in the Rubble
  • Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips 60g by Soffles
  • Premium Pili Nuts Pouch – Kyoto Matcha 85g by Mount Mayon
  • Vegan Chocolate Truffle Tube 150g by Love Cocoa
  • Original Crunch Peanut Butter 295g by ManiLife
  • Vegan Truffles Luxury Box [pack of 16] by Nouri
  • Bloody Mary Mix 330ml by Bloody Bens

PRICE: £67.99 + VAT each

vegan snacks letterbox taster



Featuring 7 of our latest and greatest vegan products, this snack box fits right through your letterbox so will be waiting for you when you get home; vegan-friendly chocolate, delicious sweet and savoury snacks – what a treat!

See What's Included:

  • Lemon and Thyme Snack Pack 50g Olly’s Olives
  • Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies 33g by GATO
  • Healthy apricots, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds fruit bar 45g by N’eat
  • Bananito chocolate dipped banana bar 25g by Mighty Bee
  • Double Fruit Twists 18g by Gregory’s Tree
  • Cacao Brownie Bar 40g by Squirrel Sisters
  • Chunky orange chocolate bar with baobab 35g by Prodigy Snacks

PRICE: £17.50 + VAT each

vegan snack selection



With a mixture of delicious, nutritious and vegan-friendly artisan snacks in this Vegan Snack Selection, this is a wonderful gift for the vegan in your life – or just a treat for yourself! Nuts, chocolate, olives, fruit bars and so much more are all included in this 12 vegan snack selection box.

See What's Included:

  • Chilli & Rosemary Snack Pack 50g by Olly’s Olives
  • Peanut Butter Cup 25g by Planet Organic
  • Healthy Blueberries & Chia seeds fruit bar 45g by N’eat
  • Bananito Banoffee Bar 35g by Might Bee
  • Lotus Seeds Cheesy 22g by Native Snacks
  • Orange ginger and maple activated nuts and seeds 30g by Boundless
  • Avocado 70% organic dark chocolate bar 85g by Love Cocoa
  • Vegan truffles with chocolate and hazlenuts by Nouri
  • Raspberry Ripple Bar 40g by Squirrel Sisters
  • Dried Jackfruit Chunks 30g by Jacked Foods
  • Hazelnut Butter and Double Chocolate Cookies 33g. GATO
  • Organic Double Fruit Twists Blueberry & Raspberry and Strawberry 18g by Georgys Tree

PRICE: £27.50 + VAT each

cheese taster gift box



This Cheese Taster Gift Box contains three of our favourite cheeses, accompanied by the delicious Popti Thins alongside a jar of red onion relish (made using rescued fruit and veg!). A great way to try organic and infused cheeses, or the perfect gift for any cheese lover; you can even pimp your gift by adding a hamper tray and bottle of wine.

See What's Included:

  • Original Sourdough Crispbread 105g from Peter’s Yard
  • Waxed Organic Vintage Cheddar 200g from Godminster
  • Oak Smoked Organic Vintage Cheddar 200g from Godminster
  • Black Charcoal Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g from Fine Cheese Co
  • Pink Onion Relish 210g from Rubies in the Rubble

PRICE: £27.99 + VAT each

gym snack box



Our Gym Snack Box is bursting with high protein snacks, great to enjoy pre or post work out! From peanut cookies and energy bars to deliciously flavoured dried meat snacks; every snack can be enjoyed on the go and is packed full of protein but low on carbs.

See What's Included:

  • Chocolate stripped peanut topped cookies 150g/6pieces by Diablo
  • Strips O’Beef 35g and Hot strips O’Beef 35g by Cleaver & Keg
  • Classic Snackingham 35g and Juniper & Star Anise Snackingham 35g by Serious Pig
  • Mocha Protein Bites 42g by Nibble
  • Cacao Brazil Nut Energise Bar 30g by Planet Organic

PRICE: £19.99 + VAT each

red wine and cheese box



The Red Wine and Cheese Gift Box is a timeless classic and combines an absolutely beautiful bottle of red wine (typically Pinot Noir) alongside a wonderful selection of organic and charcoal cheeses, thyme thins and delicious red onion chutney. The recipient can put their feet up, sit back, relax with a glass of red, some organic cheese and crackers!

See What's Included:

  • Maison 54 Cotes de Rouss Villages 2016 Red 75cl from Domaine Boursquet
  • Waxed Organic Vintage Cheddar 200g from Godminster
  • Oak Smoked Organic Vintage Cheddar 200g from Godminster
  • Black Charcoal Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g from Fine Cheese Co
  • Pink Onion Relish 210g from Rubies in the Rubble

PRICE: £55.00 + VAT each

ethical gift box



A brilliant array of 9 divine food and drink items all from ethical producers, makes this gift a fantastic gift for someone (or for yourself!), who buys items conscientiously; considering the effect it has on the community. For example, Brewgooder donate 100% of their profits to clean water charities!

See What's Included:

  • Green Tea 15 bags 37.5g by Nemi
  • London Piccalilli 190g by Rubies in the Rubble
  • Apple fruit crisps with cinnamon 22g by Spare Snacks
  • Clean Water Lager 4.5% ABV can 330ml by Brewgooder
  • Sea salt and black pepper cashews 130g by Chikas
  • Ecuador 70% organic dark chocolate bar 80g by Love Cocoa
  • Cox & Bramley Pressed Apple Juice 1 litre by Chegworth Valley
  • Union Honey – Exmoor Wildflower 150g by Bermondsey Street Bees
  • Organic Uganda Mount Elgon 227g by Source Coffee

PRICE: £37.50 + VAT each

yoga gift box



Our Yoga Box is perfect for a yogi; with healthy, wholesome food and snacks. Teas, nut blends and the best granola you have ever tasted (organic too); this box is not to be missed! Namaste!

See What's Included:

  • Mixed Tea & Infusions Box 10 flavours by Roqberry
  • Organic Oat and Nut Granola 450g by Husk and Honey
  • Yoghurt Coated Forest Fruit Muesli Bar 30g by Diablo
  • Golden Nut Butter 170g by Nut Blend
  • Apple Fruit Crisps with Cinnamon 22g by Spare Snacks
  • Dried Jackfruit Chunks with Ginger 30g by Jacked Foods
  • Raspberry and Rosemary Cordial 500ml by Urban Cordial Co
  • Organic Double Fruit Twists Blueberry & Raspberry and Strawberry 18g by Gregory’s Tree

PRICE: £38.50 + VAT each

refined sugar free gift box, corporate hamper



If you are looking to buy a gift for a health conscious individual, then you have come to the right place! A delicious range of snacks, drinks and chia jam – every item has no added sugar but still tastes scrumptious.

See What's Included:

  • Chunky Orange Chocolate Bar with Baobab 35g by Prodigy Snacks
  • Raspberry Ripple Bar 40g by Squirrel Sisters
  • Apple & Blackberry Cordial 500ml by Urban Cordial
  • Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Bar 100g by Pundits
  • Maple & Pecan Snack Bar 32g by Suzero
  • Apple fruit crisps with cinnamon 22g by Spare Snacks
  • Raspberry Fruit & Chia Seeds 200g by CHAM

PRICE: £26.99 + VAT each



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