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The GPS Challenge brings together the very best in exciting and engaging corporate team building with the state of the art technology.

Armed with an i-pad your teams will set out with the simple and intuitive custom-built activity app as they track down live interactive hotspots holding themed questions and work through challenges that will motivate and inspire.
Only when teams reach the exact location of the hotspot will the GPS system unlock the challenges that enable them to score points.
The app uses a gamification process to engage participants in a way that is both motivating and fun.

Questions and challenges utilise every form of multimedia at our disposal, presenting teams with everything from General Knowledge, Multiple Choice and Image-based questions, to interactive Photo, Video and Audio questions, to Location Specific questions that will make sure everyone stays engaged from start to finish.

With the ever-developing capabilities of the app we are even able to include fantastic new bespoke Image Recognition tasks that open exciting bonus material.

Participants can see the movements of all the teams in real time on the Dynamic Live Maps as well as keep track of the scores as the Live Scoring System racks points up on the Live Leader Board making sure the challenge stays competitive throughout.

With a library full of content and with options to brand and personalise the Challenge for greater engagement with your company, your people and your ethos this could be the most memorable activity you take on this year!

Mobile, competitive, entertaining and guaranteeing excitement for any group, the GPS Challenge is the ideal corporate team building activity.

The Perfect activity for:
– Team Building
– Company social events
– Team Away Days
– Training & Development
– Conference break out activities
– Company Icebreaker

Numbers from 12 – 800
Prices from £40 per head + VAT

GPS Challenge: GPS Bespoke

The Bespoke challenge is all about you!
Offering you the chance to embed your brand, your company, your people and your ethos into the core of the days activities, GPS Bespoke has rapidly become our best selling challenge.
With your branding colours and logo in position across the app you will have the chance to interlace bespoke questions and challenges in amongst those drawn from our extensive library of fantastic challenge content.
What these are is up to you, whether for you are looking to re-reinforce your corporate focus, to re-iterate conference messages, to introduce Senior exec’s to the team or just to make add an extra sense of immersive fun to your day the Bespoke Challenge allows you to personalise the Challenge for greater engagement with your company.
You can design your own themes, questions, picture challenges, routes and locations as well as have video questions posed straight from the bosses mouth!
The bespoke GPS is a unique opportunity that will live long in the memory.
Please contact us for more details.

To check availability or find out more please email us at info@exevents.co.uk

The GPS Challenge is the perfect team build and ideal way to explore London as never before

GPS Challenge: Monopolised

Replicating all the fun and excitement of the age old family board game, ‘Monopolised’ is a unique treasure hunt based team challenge.
With Samsung Galaxy Tablets and GPS Technology teams attempt to locate as many ‘Monopolised hotspots’ as they can in order to activate London centric questions, clues and tasks that are based on the popular game.
Alongside ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ Challenges teams must decide should they tackle, amongst many others, the easy ‘Whitechapel hotspots’, whether they are ready to step up to the medium ‘Bond Street Challenge’ or even tackle the might of ‘Mayfair’. Their strategy and ability to stay out of Jail will be key!

To check availability or find out more please email us at info@exevents.co.uk

Team Build - The GPS Challenge - Quest

GPS Challenge: Quest

‘Quest’ is the historically themed treasure hunt that will unlock some of the beautiful hidden treasures of the City, as your teams venture off the beaten track in search of the all important point scoring hotspots.
With their Samsung Galaxy Tablets and GPS technology, teams will tackle location specific observational tasks, taxing historical brain teasers and fiendish photo challenges. Simply, they must complete the ‘Quest’ to take the points!

To check availability or find out more please email us at info@exevents.co.uk

GPS Challenge: Espionage

GPS Technology; designed by the military and synonymous with the worlds of espionage and surveillance.
‘GPS Espionage’ sees technology and competition combine as you aim to complete your mission and enter the murky world of M15. Using state of the art Samsung Galaxy Tablets you will track down and activate hotspots, unlocking codes to be deciphered, surveillance shots to be snapped and mind scrambling tasks to be completed.
‘GPS Espionage’ is the chance to become the Cities top undercover operatives!

To check availability or find out more please email us at info@exevents.co.uk

GPS Challenge - team build - The Modern Treasure Hunt

GPS Challenge: Sherlock

Mixing state of the art GPS Technology with the mystery and intrigue of the novels of Conan Doyle, ‘GPS Sherlock’ is a unique take on the GPS Challenge.
Your teams will walk the same streets as the great detective, cracking clues and challenges as they locate and unlock the live interactive hotspots.
With Samsung Galaxy tablets and GPS technology the excitement and competition is cranked up as they battle it out to solve the mystery and be crowned GPS Super Sleuths!

To check availability or find out more please email us at info@exevents.co.uk

T: +44 (0) 203 567 1420
E: info@exevents.co.uk

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